It All Began With a Little Bistro

Lisa Smith started her dream by opening Lisa's Lakeside Bistro in April of 2012.

As always, Lisa thanks her staff and customers and attributes her success to them.

The little bistro became a hub for the small town of Christina Lake, where friends, families, tourists, and everyone in between could meet and become a little more familiar.

Lisa has always prided herself on treating both staff and customers as family, and this is one of the things the bistro became known for. But with it's extreme success,
Lisa's Bistro out grew itself. In October of 2018 Lisa took her dream one step further by opening Lisa's Lake House Seafood and Spirits.


The new restaurant took off immediately and was welcomed by the community with open arms.With the added seating and homey atmosphere the Lake House began to outshine it's sister restaurant. In February of 2019 Lisa decided to take plunge and focus solely on the Lake House.


With a heavy heart she has decided to sell her little Bistro. With all of the attention directed on it, The Lake House has all eyes on it going into the future!